The green Door

…a page torn out of Your favorite book “In the Keep of Time”…you’ve lost the flow of your own story..leaving detachment in the form of a nightmare..inside there is no connection just 3white walls and 1 with a white’re looking to replace that which is next to impossible..but don’t worry..they keep remaining you how small your life comparison to the rest who are deem untouchable..if your lucky you learn your boundaries& leaving tall..kewl and dark to 1side..the actual story is not are left to fill in when you can otherwise you are left in a world of uncertainty &that story is constantly changing..for time has spoken where your arms are in one position of 1 &again@3oclock..the aftermath with no more friends and or relations..left in white room..the voice are clear and coming from beyond the white door of what they want..which is non- negotiable& trauma is laced like a shoe

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