Smoked Mirrors

Smoke and mirrored glass

Despection is in my house

While all the while

my mind is swollen

from the pain

I can’t  stand the

shape I’m in

But I can’t seem

to stop it either

I am so confused

till I can’t relaxed

enough to sleep

Smoke and mirrored glass

My sleep is haunted

by the demon pills

A toilet mind

is a toilet flushed

To take another pill

is to smoke a glass

in a reflection of

a mirrored mind once

23 thoughts on “Smoked Mirrors

  1. Pain, both mental and physical, is a very old acquaintance of mine; can’t call it a friend. I sense another consistenty tormented soul writing…. Fear not; true freedom is the release from pain; in my experience, pain always passes, if we endure, whereupon freedom becomes a new-again gift…

    I believe I got sent over to see your work by Thumbup, and liked whatever I saw…. which, when you left a comment over on ECR, confused me a bit, until I came back to check out the About page…. I like your art, so, I’ll be back, though perhaps not often…. I’m limited in surfing time, due to physical constraints, but, will eventually show up…. When I do, I usually will comment, unless Thumper’s Mom’s Rule applies…

    See ya ’round WP….

    gigoid, the dubious


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  2. OOOOooooo Sheldon, I keep trying to “follow” you but nothing seems to happen, so finally tonight I saw that to follow you I must go to my reader. HaH! Anyway, I very much enjoy what I’ve seen so far so will come back somehow. Who knows I might even learn to use my Reader….. Yours in Faith and Happiness…….NOT! ~~dru~~~
    ps Where is Thumb, I’m having withdrawal symptoms.

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      1. I wish, I haven’t got a bone of creativity…good word… maybe a sliver but I’ll be here or there or far thee well. ~~dru~~

        Well until we meet on the other side, don’t actually believe in that but hell it plays well.

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  3. It is both a wonderful interpretation as well as tormenting, in that it always surrounds us in our thoughts and images.
    My 1st time to your site, and I think it will be a bit on the unusual side, heh.
    My friend Arthur (When Apricots Had Wings), also puts several dimensions into his collages, creating quite an abstract world to view.
    I have never really enjoyed his art that much, and his writings sometimes leaves me confused, yet it is still all art.
    With thousands of bloggers for me to visit with, I’m struggling to get to them all. However, I’m sure we’ll meet on the other side, and perhaps share stories.
    Thank you for the like, even though my mind attempts to aesthetically re-arrange the abstract into logic for me.
    Today starts my 9th week of regular blogging.

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