Meats a dream

Everything sounds better on a webcorre..little did I know..i would finally find out what a webcorre was..Captin artist without any a crowded field..back to back corn..i know too much now to pick with no regrets..a little conscience with a big head..a fool in sheep’s mother warn me..but I the king didn’t listen..never cared it’s to late she’s dying from inoperable.. with a “c” for he is the present that keeps on giving..whether or not you’d asked..i hate it when I’m went why..are you upset..years don’t tame the irresistible shrew ..all for the price of curiosity..this one said about the other..satisfaction did’nt bring her back..the whore of whores..wearing a pair of vintage sneakers..still with your hand out..still wanting to be..impatient for the baton..fuckin inoperable cancer..oh why did you go to ruin the lasting impression..all for the sake of curiosity..she is not my mother just a soldier I once knew..found out she’s dying..God did I ruin the imagine..Mrs. Moore swallowing the mike..never the less..reality meats a dream

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