“Larry Kimpel bass w/ Billy Cobham & George Duke: “Stratus”

The unattainable…a truck that pulls off the road is now a side show..what started out innocent..became an intruder..layered by lifes flavors with its enormous selections..I remember Sears&Roebuck where you could buy a pair of overalls now you can’t get anything without paying a late fee ..please show me where it says they get to write the rules as they go along…yes that’s right you heard me correctly I said I was just diagnose with bromhidrosis plus a very good buddy of mine had a aneurysm and died all in the same week April 6th was the day my music died..seeing a white light going across the wind shield was not a song being sung or how it was once sung..everything that I thought was old becomes new and improved..a Dr that tells you if there’s an emergency dial ……………………………………….911just gets by w/0 breaking any rules..if your car is broken into while it’s on a parking lot…is no longer safe because they say so I rather park on the street and take my chances..concrete jungle..with plastic leaves..dust is a road leading out of the forest..always reminding you to protect your back

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