I want to tell you all something about being a poor slob and living inside your means which in this day of age is so very hard to do…my wife works and I am disable…i don’t believe I’ve ever said this till today..I mean about being disable..I have been for a very long time..out of desperation I call one of my credit cards….and told them I was having trouble paying them…I inadvertently closed my account…I would of never never done that if I would of known the consequences..I had started working on my credit since the early 80’s..I take very serious…we are living in sad times where the suits rule and being human is being look at as substandard….as hard as I work that’s how hard they make it on me


13 thoughts on “Grasshopper

  1. Your collage is beauty.

    Your post is where I live. With some not enough, being told it’s too much, can’t you sell something to survive, why can’t you get a job? No one tries to understand. The ones who do quit in disgust. The new one asks me the same questions five times in triplicate and during three phone calls. No one reads anymore. Maybe, when I write, I get points for the 15 page application, so they can ask me the same questions, before I have to drop off 25 pages of documentation, to be told “your determination is in the mail.”

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      1. I’m so sorry Sheldon.

        Applying for things is bad for self esteem, but if you can get the assistance, it’s better than nothing. Plus, it’s why we paid our taxes over the years, for when we need it.

        They should make it a requirement for case workers to live on assistance for three months so they can understand, how terrifying it is to think that your only form of health care, food, children’s health care, medical transportation may be cut on a whim by someone who didn’t read your paperwork. Filing for a state hearing is the quickest way to get a competent manager to overrule the previous cancellation or to fix an obvious computer glitch.

        Just that extra effort is really hard when fighting depression, anxiety, pain, etc. etc. etc.

        My workers tell me to do one thing at a time. Sometimes, that one thing might be compiling all my bank statements, or finding all the notifications from Social Security. or, a trip to social security . That really ends my day right there. The waiting in line, really feels bad, but it s emotionally draining in ways folks don’t really understand or sympathize with.

        I feel your pain, Sheldon. I really do.

        This is why I want to go into Art Therapy. I think we all deserve the chance to vent our feeelings the way you do with your collages and your writing. People don’t know they can do whatever they want to feel better. But it’s like they need permission to make art, or write, or sing. Personally, I need permission to leave the house and not feel like people are judging me, but you know, everybody has their own hang ups. There must be a special place in hell for art teachers who yelled at Kindergartners for coloring outside the lines, or touching their art supplies before they received instructions. Art is freedom Sheldon. We are lucky to have it. I want to share this with kids and adults, but no one really believes you if you don’t have more letters after your name and get a license. I might even be able to support myself while still being disabled.

        You are not alone. I just wanted you to know where I’m coming from.

        Sorry, I’ll put my soap box away now.

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      2. You too! I’ve been ripping pages out of magazines for years, making color files, but hardly having the time to build space. I really liked it. I’m trying to make space that will be cat, dog and child free, so things won’t get disturbed. Baby steps!

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