bang bang it’s that familiar in the background..first it was the elevator now it’s in the market chicken noodle soup but written in Spanish you take one look turn than walk away…hey wait a minute…I’m use to seeing it one way I’m set in my ways but now they throw you a carve I’m 65 not Spanified.. you feel like you are an a minority you shot me down aisle by aisle its a hole different world out here..I hit the ground.. remember how it was a cold..a sniffel every once in a while now you always dealing with one congestion or another..dollar store farm fresh eggs but there was only ten to a box oh yea.. the Observer sees..someone put you down.. lips are always moving its a side effect of talking..a car must come with some responsibility not just an extension of someone’s anger…bang bang I really..its the holidays not the 7 deadly sins… gluttony..sloth..debauchery spending money you don’t really were 5 and I was 6…its 5:48am gray skies this weather suck.. I was hoping for a day of Peace t00 much sensory overload..Fig Newton’s what’s the use…you really took me out

( say thanx to Sonny&Cher

I used to do these all the time….but the blogger is no longer around)


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