As I looked back basically w/0 turning..there we’re witched memories of those days when I could enjoy eating Thai food..that big crispy white fish with that unbelievable tamarin sauce and the fish head was to….but life is forever changing and no one wants to see me eating fish eyes.. old habits die hard and I’m forever adopting new ones… those spots before my eyes are getting bigger…even more now there ever…why did I come into this room I silently ask myself then going out to come back in only to remember what it was I forgot…a life is turning faster I can’t seem to catch..we have adopted new ideas of being the throw away generation…we waste more than we used life has become its own entity and presumes nothing as life expands and contracts the air ever so slowly getting sucked from my lungs as it is …I am experiencing life exiting and so goes the one thing I worked so hard for is being taken away from me for no apparent reason other than time & space

(My Aunt is apparently passing)


4 thoughts on “Astrodelite

  1. Oh so sorry, Sheldon. Just lost a cousin who was 20 years older than I. He was blind, deaf and immobile for the last five years. God just didn’t want to take him for some reason. First I cried the tears of joy when he died, then I cried for my childhood. Don’t we all do it when our older relatives die? All my cousins were much older, and they spoiled me 🙂

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