He looks at me with eyes..as one would look when a question is about to be asked..there aren’t many days that are usual anymore…i never knew what to accept..and my skill set haven’t been hown…but when life is presenting itself one can never be ready even at the best of times..surreal.. roll reversal..he is the child I am the father..he says do you want the store..but you see the set up was all wrong I hadn’t had enough time to think rationally…back then I wasn’t prepared to take a shit…that how squirrelly I was and now as the tapes play back I see he wasn’t in a position to ask..the conversation stopped and started all at once as I watch again my life passing me by..now I see he wanted out and it wasn’t about what he had built..it was about getting out completely and getting money for what ever was left..i was an exercise with his patience


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