Automatic infrastructure..we knew the words before the we knew its symbol..a boulder before the roundness of a wheel..and why a wheel..the sound became a picture in ones eyes..the wheel should roll and so it goes..a statement was to stand after each battle claiming who was the winner and who was the owner both were very..but only one for the man and one was to the master..deep regions made the connections.. how did we know the word was the all stood solo for each foot claim each man’s space..his companion was suppose to be a mirror image..for with each companion brought more to each circle..a circle..once a dot..gave life unto the a spark and the flint became the soon had control until the others wanted more ..thats why each foot claimed a space and forever his kinship knew its place and where they came and where they go and so the story became a wall fours..walls became a room..a space of importance..a mission was to be quickly address for each foot claim its still wander.. too much to imagine..but what else of this stone..yes he sees the point..a stone wrote as well as defend..the automatic was the condition response..more than just a shelter..a cave with a num3er..


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