the picture is the catalyst and it needs to be taken seriously for w/0 caution the result could be deadly.Simple as this may..it is not..to a mind that seeks everything Will become a trigger..leaving one to become alone staring at the four walls..a mind that constantly looks for this..is not being mindful..this is an Insidious disease..as one of its traits is..patently waiting till it’s time to snap into action..any trigger is a deadly game of who’s InCharge..i lived with & have suffer..a spirit who seeks a higher consciousness Will always have to unload..to keep your mind sharp and not to take more than you believe..the devil is in the details..its not perfection as it is a project of laying boards end to end so one can walk constantly..in and out..willing to walk this Journey with a constant stride..the majority wants you to come begging so they can enjoy saying no..a vicious cycle..this one lives on a steady diet of constantly saying 👎 NO


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