I’ve been living for over 2yrs since the car accident I had….I was suffering with chronic pain….I thought this was going to be it but you see there was I hook to this song deep down low inside my body was a unshakable spirit and passion… That’s why I have seen so many Dr cause I never truly believe that this was doomsday…….well fast forward today I am 85% pain free…..now I had to knock a few heads together and ruffle some feathers but I fuvkin did it….I am so over the moon filled with joy I just keep smiling and sayin thank you…

Now before this gets to sappy…..don’t ever give up….. There’s always hope …..someone gave you a spirit and passion rely on that used it to its fullest…I’m not sayin it is easy and that it doesn’t come with a price but every time they tell you no ….you say why

To my loyal fans and friends yes I said friends I thank everyone who encourage me and support me…..I’m like a kid in a candy store everyday I am pain free I am so grateful and thankful

Look I said my piece……I’m taken this to the next plateau and everyone is invited……I love you all I truly do

As Sheldon Yoursly

Aka The Professional Cannon


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