deep dark denial everyone has an intruder it’s just some of us know how to fight back and there those who cant….. basic babble 101……I’m struggling with my intruder..this shit is Insidious it lies and waits for you then from out of nowhere comes Entry…..the denial sucks everything out of you in demand….let’s break it once I’m a foodie since the early 80″ s even before whole Froods was fresh field they…oh forget it…you get what I mean I’ve cooked in the business and I’ve done every thing

So let me break it twice my stomach knows what it wants&my brain has conflicting views hence the conundrum……..table .matters are my next cigarette syndrome where I just spotted and never go back again

That’s how I stopped cigarettes cold turkey 3yrs not a one that’s what I mean by the cigarette syndrome

This fuvking shit royaly sucks I know there will the be Rogues telling this and that….. I can only observe and correct( this was a writting exercise so I could take some of my power back knowingly while letting some of its air expand circulate and contract….Your basic babble strategic’s 102)


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