Factoidnowit’s2/0clockihit themarkof10poem

I can’t explain it as a matter of factoid

Its unexplainable..Its basic mechanism is passion its all in us yet sometimes it’s devoid of none= no light..no one is home..ok I said its unexplainable because there’s that human factoid that is in all of us w/0 passion=suitable desire to dress


2 thoughts on “Factoidnowit’s2/0clockihit themarkof10poem

    1. Everything I do is organic meaning I use images from magazines to old books….and a glue stick..I don’t spend more then 30mins these day’s so sometimes I will us that image of the person and switch out the back you know you are the first who has ever asked my process….I am so glad I am doing something for you
      My door is always open…..the rest is just practice practice practice

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