I’m trying to figure this out


5 thoughts on “Help

  1. I like your artwork because I see beauty and expressiveness in it. You are sending a message. To the eyes of a beholder like me it suggests the search for a person’s place in the world, the search for identity, where I do not know if the three men are different persons or the same person in different life situations. Also, I do not know if they are someone famous or not. The man I get to see first looks like he either stands or wants to walk. He goes away from a chair and from the horizontal lines of the background paper. His hands in his pockets and facial expression allow several interpretations. He could be someone happy with his high social power and status, even boasting about this, or someone who, instead, would want to get out of the established order?

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  2. If he wants to get out, why do I only get to see one of his legs partially and not a single trace of the other leg? Is this being done on purpose to show a man’s determination to do something but hindrance at the same time?

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