FFF42 My…….


At times I thought it was my way

Than I feel a sudden jerk

Pulling in yet another

Direction,who’s foot

Prints are they if not….

Being carried,carry on

Carry grant,cash and carry

At times I thought it was my

Way,until I found out who’s

Foot print they really were

There’s always a wake up call

Even when time is not ticking

My way never worked until

I learned the way,doing

It my way is as


As being numb

Good morning or should I say good afternoon

Well it’s that time when I get to put

2lbs. Of shit into a one lb. Bag

It’s flash fiction and our host Matt is serving up

One of my favorite songs My Way by the chairman

Of the board none other than Mr Sinatra

I gave you two,I’m just full of

Words this morning,please don’t

Forget to visit Matt,his blog is

thebookblogger 2014 he always has a book

Or two up his sleeve

So this is my way ENJOY

10 thoughts on “FFF42 My…….

  1. Ooh two very different takes here Sheldon! I thought the first one was a really interesting view on how in control we actually are in our lives, and the second was equally very interesting. Thanks for taking part!
    Best wishes, Matt

    Liked by 1 person

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