A Picture Of Once


You took me in

When no one

Else would have me

You saved my life

You never asked

Any questions

Your only concern

Was me,was my safety

You loved me


Even though you

Knew I had skeletons

Hiding ……….

Of course there

Were difference

But love has a

Way of deciding

The outcome

My world was

Different,and so

Was yours but

There was a strong


Was a connection

That was indescribable

Neither one of us

Knew it’s power

There were so many

Twists and turns

And no you can’t

do that,it is a wonder

That we stayed

Together,but love

Has a way of speaking

When you are lost…….

As bad as my life

Was broken, I

Found a place

For my heart

It’s been some

Fifteen years

But your patience

Took my hand

And our hearts

Have each



To everyone in my “wp” family

I just want to wish you all

A Happy, Healthy and a Safe Holiday

And above all Peace

In the coming New Year

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