Blood Money


It’s not the season

It’s the only reason

Faded glory

Are the seams of life

We are wearing

our love

On our sleeves

For the purpose of

not being exposed

To remind us what is

Hidden must stay that


The source of xieties

Oil and water never

Mixes but when shaken……..

But who’s the fool

Who goes out to

Buy a……….

Just to hide their

Spots,they never

change and neither does


To make the mistake

It will be different this year

It just could be

But not for the extended family

For water is always thicker than the blood



To redefine the definition

Is all I really care about

My two Beans

Terms of endearment

And my pet

our happy home

Let me have it this way

And for those I’ve met

Along the way I say

Thank you for your love

Encouragement and support

And above all Peace

Sheldon Kleeman@2016


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